Electronic Design

Compact SOM Logic Module Speeds Designs To Market

With a modular architecture that facilitates the simple integration of user logic and custom peripheral sets, the LM125 compact logic module from Advanced Knowledge Associates lets systems designers get to market quickly. The system-on-module (SOM) device is based on a high-density FPGA fabric and employs a µBlaze soft CPU core from Xilinx. The device incorporates 256 Mbits of SDRAM and 512 Mbits of flash to handle multiple boot images for logic and software applications while supporting a wide variety of standard interfaces.

On-board programmable clock generation, voltage regulation, and power monitoring further ease system integration. Also, because it is based on Xilinx’s Spartan IIE programmable logic, the LM125 enables great system flexibility. Measuring just 2 by 2 in., the logic module supports the Linux operating system. Standard interfaces include dual 1553RT, dual CAN, dual RS-232, USB, and Ethernet 10/100 BT. The device also offers over 200 high-speed, general-purpose I/Os. Suitable uses include military and defense, medical, industrial, and high-end telecommunications applications.

Contact the company for price and availability information. For more, go to www.advancedknowledgeassociates.com.

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