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CompactPCI Board Implements Standard Ethernet Backplane

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Designed for carrier-class access and gateway systems, the MTN5300 is the latest of the companyÕs UniPorte Architecture family of products and is said to provide the industryÕs highest port density for voice, fax and data in the CompactPCI format. The boardÕs standard interfaces include two Ethernet formats. One is available through the front plate with an RJ-45 port, while the other is available through the backplane, with compliance to the Compact Packet Switching Backplane (cPSB) specification.The MTN5300 works in conjunction with the companyÕs MTN4096 PCI mezzanine card for increased scalability. Ports range from 144 to 336 UniPortes, in 96 port increments. Voice over IP, remote access, and wireless voice and data traffic processing are all possible applications.In addition to Ethernet, the MTN5300 supports two other standard interfaces. One is the H.110, an industry standard computer telelphony bus for carrying TDM data between WAN cards and the MTN5300. The other is PCI for control and status information between the host and card. Like other boards in the series, the MTN5300 is hot-swap compatible, with soft start and shutdown circuitry.

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