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CompactPCI Board Occupies Single Slot

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Featuring a Pentium II Processor Mobile Module and an array of peripherals and I/O features, the ZT 5531 CPU board is designed to operate with the firm's complete line of CompactPCI products. The 6U, single-slot board drives up to 14 CompactPCI peripherals with a feature set that includes Level 2 cache, ECC synchronous DRAM support, flash memory, dual Ethernet support, dual serial ports, system monitoring and alarm functions, and optional video, USB and rear I/O connections. Other options include PCMCIA, dual PMC modules, IDE hard drive, and floppy drive support.The board comes complete with the firm's industrial BIOS and flash disk and can be configured with the user's choice of MS-DOS, Windows NT or VxWorks. Optional development toolkits support the implementation of these operating systems on CompactPCI.

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