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CompactPCI Board Provides Ultra SCSI/Fast Ethernet Control

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Both a Wide UltraSCSI interface and a 10/100-Mb/s Fast Ethernet interface are contained on the PCICSI-1E controller board for CompactPCI systems. The board is said to be a cost-effective approach for applications requiring interfaces for fixed disks, optical disks, tape drives, networked printers and other peripheral devices.The 3U board is based on the Symbios Logic SYM53C885 PCI-CSI/Fast Ethernet multifunction controller IC. The chip connects directly to the PCI bus, presenting one electrical load. It functions as a full 32-bit PCI DMA master and offers three independent DMA channels, SCSI, and Ethernet transmit and receive with programmable arbitration.The Wide UltraSCSI interface features a single-ended mode with a sustained synchronous transfer rate of 40 Mb/s for mass-storage devices. The front-panel interface includes a SCSI-2 integrated connector. On the board is a 68-pin shielded connector or an optional rear-panel I/O module for interconnection flexibility.

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