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CompactPCI Card Suppresses Power With Low-Voltage Pentium IIIs

Packing a pair of 933-MHz low-voltage Pentium III processors, the PP 120/01x CompactPCI CPU card delivers a high-throughput, general-purpose computing platform. Each on-board processor sports a 133-MHz front-side bus with 512 kbytes of level 2 cache, and they operate within a 12-W thermal envelope. That allows passive heatsinks rather than fans to be used to cool the processors. Supporting the CPUs is the Serverworks ServerSet III LE core logic, which can address up to 1 Gbyte of 133-MHz error-correction-code SDRAM. The core logic also supports an Ultra 160 SCSI interface, a 64-bit/66-MHz PMC expansion site, and an on-board EIDE interface that can connect to a local EIDE drive (up to UDMA 100) or a CompactFlash/IBM Microdrive. Also included on the dual CPU card is a PC real-time clock, dual RS-232 channels, a pair of USB ports, a long-duration timer, and an Asiliant Technologies 69030 graphics interface. In OEM volumes, pricing for the PP 120/01x starts at $2988.

Concurrent Technologies Inc.
www.gocct.com; (734) 971-6309

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