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CompactPCI Chassis Systems Provide A Flexible Portable Platform

Featuring a lightweight design, the 585 Series of CompactPCI portable chassis systems represents a versatile platform for end users. Their modularity enables users to easily configure them with different backplanes (five- or eight-slot, right-justified CPU with H.110 support), CompactPCI single-board computers, power supplies, and various other peripherals- the peripherals can include hard drives, CD drives, floppy drives, CompactPCI peripheral cards, rear I/O cards, and mezzanine cards.The systems enable up to seven additional 6U CompactPCI cards to be integrated into the chassis. The chassis itself is environmentally hardened to withstand applications that exceed the normal operating specifications of a standard portable CompactPCI system. The units can also accept one 5.25” half-height drive and one 3.5” half-height drive with front accessibility and one 3.5” full-height drive internally.

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