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CompactPCI CPU Board Packs Both Speed And Memory

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Supporting Pentium IIIs up to 1 GHz and up to 1 GB of RAM and 256 KB of no-wait-state cache, the Navigator C159 CompactPCI CPU board targets high-availability telecomm applications such as Internet servers. The board also features two Fast Ethernet interfaces, integrated mass-storage options for both rotating and diskless media, two Ultra DMA-33 IDE interfaces, and dual USB ports.
Up to five on-board PMC slots are available for further customization. The keyboard, mouse, USB-1 and COM1 ports are situated on the front panel and the COM2, USB-2, second Ethernet, and IDE interfaces are routed to the rear panel. Software support includes Windows NT/2000, VxWorks, Linux, Solaris and QNX. Less CPU and memory, single-unit prices start at $2,794.

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