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CompactPCI CPU Board Supports 500-MHz Pentium III Processor

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With support for Pentium III processors at speeds of more than 500 MHz, the ZT 5521 CPU board is said to now offer the highest computing performance available on the CompactPCI bus. Based on the Intel 440BX chipset, the board features a 100-MHz front-side bus and dual, on-board 64-bit bridges that enable it to drive up to 14 CompactPCI peripheral slots in a system. Users have a choice of WindowsNT, QNX or VxWorks OS support.The board also can host hot-swap peripherals and serve as the System Master of up to 32 processors in the company's CompactNET integrated multiprocessing environment. Peripherals on the board include up to 1 Gbyte of PC-100 ECC SDRAM, 8 Mbytes of flash, a CompactFlash socket, dual 100-MByte Ethernet interfaces, dual USB interfaces and serial ports, an optional AGP port for video and rear I/O connections.

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