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CompactPCI DSP Board Enters 3G Wireless Mart

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Designed specifically for 3G wireless and broadband telecommunications applications, the new CompactPCI CHAMP-AV digital signal processor (DSP) board houses four AltiVec PowerPC 7400/7410 processors running at 400 to 600 MHz. Incorporating the common heterogeneous architecture for multi-processing (CHAMP), the board is capable of delivering over 16 GFLOPS of DSP performance.
Also on-board are seven intelligent DMA controllers employing segmented IXPacket technology in order to maximize data throughput and to add transcoding capabilities for converting from network IP or ATM protocols. A reprogrammable IXTRIX interrupt multiplexer provides dynamic reallocation of critical system resources. Other features include two PMC expansion modules, a dedicated 10/100 BaseT Ethernet interface for each processor pair, and a global CPE memory of either 32 or 64 MB of SDRAM. Pricing starts at $23,300 ARO.

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