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CompactPCI DSP Board Packs Eight Processors In One Slot

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Eight Texas Instruments TMS320C6202 DSPs populate the CPCI/C6402, a CompactPCI-based DSP resource board suitable for use in telecommunication processing applications. The board is a core member of the firm’s ComStruct line of building blocks for communication processing and offers a cost-effective, flexible and scalable single-slot DSP platform.Operating at 250 MHz, the board performs up to 2000 MIPS. Its architecture is optimized for resilient multi-channel processing, such as modem pools and transcoder banks that can be used in packet voice applications and cellular radio base stations. The board enables designers to pack five T-1 spans (120 channels) of V.90 modems in one slot. Also on the board are two of Motorola’s 80-MHz MPC860T PowerQUICC control processors for on-board control, signaling and data processing.

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