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CompactPCI DSP Platform Provides High-Density Voice/Fax/ Data-Over-IP

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Featuring 20 TMS320C5420 DSPs and four PowerQUICC MPUs, the CPCI/C5400 digital signal processing platform gives telecommunication designers very high levels of processing power with which to deliver carrier-class voice, fax and data services to their enterprise and service provider customers. The board is designed to run Telogy’s Golden Gateway software, providing 120+ channels of simultaneous voice, fax or data-over-IP calls in one CompactPCI slot. The full-length, 6U board offers a hot-swap-friendly PCI interface. Its DSPs, PowerQUICC and StrongARM processors are split into four processing blocks for optimum performance, with each block comprising one PowerQUICC, five DSPs, an optional StrongARM processor, up to 64 Mbytes of SDRAM, and a 10/100Base-TX Ethernet link. And a module fitted to the board’s PMC site allows direct connection to up to four T1 or E1 network interfaces.

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