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CompactPCI Load Card Verifies Systems

Eight test points, a voltage monitor, a bicolor LED display, on-board scalable load and precise measurement to ensure system compliance to PICMG Rev 2.0 R 2.1 are designed into this CompactPCI Load Card, which verifies a number of system and performance parameters. The load card determines hardware wiring accuracy and verifies that operating voltage is in accordance with CPCI standards. The card utilizes eight test points for accurate system readings including: 5V, 3.3V, 12V, V I/O, system ground, pushbutton reset and supply fail. Each of the test points is a pin jack type accepting standard 0.08" tip probe.All four voltages are carefully monitored: an illuminated green LED signals system power is being properly maintained and a red LED indicates the measured load is not within ±5% of the nominal. The amount of load on each of the four voltages can be changed via DIP switches. The 3-pole switches are binary coded to represent the amount of current employed.


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