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CompactPCI Microswitch Handles Live Insertions

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Helping designers put live insertion, hot-swap capabilities into board designs, this embedded microswitch and harness assembly meets IEEE specifications 1101.1, 1101.10 and 1101.11 defined by the PICMG Hot Swap Committee. The live insertion microswitches and harness assemblies can be ordered separately or preinstalled in both versions of the Ripac CompactPCI compliant injector/ejector handles. The first handle version follows the need for MAX I/O capability on the front panel (Handle Type IV) and is best suited for applications where much of the I/O exists at the front panel. The second Slim-Line handle is designed for little or no front panel I/O (Handle Type VII). The handles are typically used for telecomm/NEBS compliant applications where most or all I/O exists at the rear of a typical 12-inch installation and space is at a premium.

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