Electronic Design

CompactPCI Platform Delivers Density And Flexibility

The XL-VHDS (Very High Density Solution) CompactPCI platform line offers a variety of off-the-shelf configurations as well as quick delivery. The platforms target Internet infrastructure and other communications applications. The XL-VHDS provides high density and processor integration while reducing floor space and infrastructure costs by up to 50% compared to other systems. It enables combinations of CompactPCI single-board computers, PICMG 2.16, H.110 telephony bus, custom technologies, and switch fabric. Snap-in backplane sections require as few as four screws, and systems can be easily configured in minutes. Encased in a 10U chassis, the XL-VHDS outfits each slot with two 1-Gbit Ethernet ports connected to a redundant switch in a PICMG 2.16-like configuration. A variety of system-management capabilities is included, and all system-management data is readable by a remote system administrator. The units can be delivered within one to two weeks, depending upon configuration. A typical configuration costs about $9995.

www.kontron.com; (888) 294-4558

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