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CompactPCI Products Target Telecomm And Industrial Marts

This line of CompactPCI products includes an enclosure, CPU board, backplane, and I/O companion board. The Rigel passive backplane CPU board has an Intel 430TX chipset and can be configured with up to a 233-MHz Pentium with MMX technology, along with Ultra SCSI, SVGA video, and Ethernet capabilities. This results in a highly integrated system that leaves CompactPCI backplane slots open for user application boards. The CPU board provides up to 512 MB DRAM using two DIMMs and a 512 KB cache module, along with two RS-232 compatible ports with 16550 UARTs, a bidirectional port, a floppy disk and EIDE interface with real-time clock backed by an on-board, field-replaceable battery. The front panel contains interfaces for a Universal Serial Bus, Ethernet, video, DB9 interface for a serial port, DB25 interface for a parallel port, hard drive and network access LEDs, Mini-DIN connectors for a PS/2 mouse, and a keyboard interface and reset button.

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