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CompactPCI SBC Backed By High-End Processors

The PP 220/01x CompactPCI single-board computer uses two 2.0-GHz low-voltage Intel Xeon processors, each of which works within a 35-W thermal envelope. The board features up to 4-Gbyte/200-MHz double-data-rate (DDR) SDRAM (with error-correction code), an Ultra-160 SCSI interface, a 64-bit/66-MHz PMC site, and dual Gigabit Ethernet. The PP 220/01x suits intensive multitasking applications, such as Web serving, search engines, storage, traffic management, voice over IP, and telecom servers. It supports a variety of operating systems, like Linux and Windows XP/2000/NT. The PP 220/01x with 1-Gbyte DDR SDRAM costs about $4500 in volume.

Concurrent Technologies Inc.
(734) 971-6309

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