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CompactPCI Subrack Systems Tout Hot-Swap Power & Cooling

Packing a 2- to 21-slot backplane, these two new additions to the Ripac family of CompactPCI subrack systems boast of hot-pluggable blower assemblies and hot-swap power supplies. The all-aluminum subrack systems have a max. depth of less than 12", use extended lip extrusions for Type IV and VII injector/ejector CompactPCI compliant handles, and come with ac line filter and cable harness, power supply voltage monitor LEDs, and ac power on/off switch. Meeting all IEEE 1101.1/.10/.11 requirements, as well as PICMG CompactPCI and hot-swap specs, the units come in two versions: a 9U x 84 HP W x 296.72 mm D unit that accepts 6U x 160 mm front-load boards and 6U x 80 mm rear-load boards and offers front-load removable, hot-swap blower assemblies and 350W hot-swap N+1 redundant power supply; and an 8U x 84 HP W x 290.5 mm D unit that accepts 6U x 160 mm front-load boards only and offers dual blower assemblies and a 350W front-load removable, hot-swap N+1 redundant supply.

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