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Comparators Include 6 ppm/°C Reference

The MAX9040 and MAX9050 micropower comparators with rail-to-rail inputs and outputs include an on-board precision reference. Available in five-pin SOT23 packages, the devices have a 0.4% initial accuracy with a 6 ppm/°C temperature coefficient and a 400 ns propagation delay. Power consumption is 40 µA, and the reference can drive 500 µA and is stable with any capacitive load up to 4.7 nF.
The MAX9040 chip operates from a 2.5V to 5.5V supply and provides a reference voltage of 2.048V, which is said to represent a 500 µV LSB in 12-bit systems. Operating on the same supply values, the MAX9050 chip provides a 2.5V reference. Prices start at $0.96 each/1,000.


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