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Compiler/Debugger Supports VisualDSP

By utilizing the firm's VisualDSP Target software for its family of DSP board-level products, designers can use these products with Analog Devices' Visual DSP Integrated Development Environment (IDE), thereby extending the host's debugging capability by communicating directly with the board. VisualDSP Target is claimed as one of the first third-party targets available for Analog Devices' comprehensive VisualDSP debugger, providing an emulator's capability at nearly half the cost without using an additional PC expansion slot. The Windows-based IDE and debugger are completely software-based and eliminated the need for expensive JTAG hardware. Users can compile and link code in the VisualDSP IDE and dynamically debug the code directly on the board. Developers can then move freely between the VisualDSP IDE and debugger to correct programming errors and rebuild projects.

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