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Component Is Low-Pass Filter And Transient Protector In One

The EMCxxF-LC Series devices are a combination of a low-pass LC filter and transient voltage protector in one package. They provide EMC network interface protection for EMI/RFI radiation and transient immunity, offering users savings in both space and cost.The units are designed for 50 ohm interface circuit terminations and high-speed data line protection in accordance with IEC 1000-4 and EN 50082 EMC immunity requirements. They're suited for the reduction of noise reflections and ringing associated with high-speed data line circuits. Typically, they find use at board-level applications in wireless communication systems, graphics and video cards, and in notebook computers.Transient voltage suppression is achieved by a linear, bi-directional, low-capacitance diode combination employed as part of a Bessel pi filter. There are four isolated lines in a standard SO-16L package. Voltages are offered from 3.3V to 15V.


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