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Components: 1-GHz Hybrid Coupler Offers A Performance Alternative To Ceramics

The Xinger 3-dB hybrid coupler for 800- to 1000-MHz applications provides just a 0.3-dB loss and 115-W power handling. It matches the thermal coefficient of expansion (TCE) of typical power-amplifier pc-board materials like FR-4, G-10, Rogers' 4003/4350, and Taconic's substrates. This makes it a suitable performance alternative to other types of hybrid couplers consisting of ceramic parts. Other features include 20-dB isolation, a 1:20 voltage standing-wave ratio (VSWR), ±0.25-dB amplitude balance, and ±3° phase balance. It measures 0.354 by 0.275 by 0.11 in. Samples of the new coupler are available within 24 hours for qualified prototyping.

Anaren Inc.
(315) 432-8909

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