Electronic Design

Components: Tiny Submicro Automotive Relay Can Manage 30 A

Designed for pc-board mounting in tight automotive spaces, the minuscule AZ989 12-V submicro automotive relay can handle up to 30 A of current. It's well suited for power windows, door locks, seat adjusters, sunroofs, liftgates, wiper motors, and many other applications. Gold-tin-oxide (AgSnO2) contacts come with either a 180-Ω or a 225-Ω coil. A Form C contact arrangement inside an epoxy-sealed case targets automotive wave soldering. The device is manufactured in a QS9000-certified environment. In lots of 1000, the AZ989 costs $0.73 each.

American Zettler Inc.
www.azettler.com; (949) 831-5000

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