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Compression Magnifies ARM Trace Buffer

ARM's Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM) captures real-time trace information on-chip, but its buffer size limits the amount of saved information. American Arium's SC-1000 ARM Emulator, though, moves trace information off-chip at 200 MHz and compresses it so a workstation can store millions of trace entries in a fraction of the space normally required.

The SC-1000 has a 10-ns timestamp resolution. It works with Arium's SourcePoint debugger, which supports multiple SC-1000 units to provide true multiprocessor and multicore debugging. ARM ADS and Green Hills tools support the emulator as well. Additionally, the SC-1000 works with all ARM ETM implementations and triggering capabilities.

Users can connect an eight-channel logic analyzer probe to the SC-1000 to record external status. The emulator works with most ARM systems too, including Arium's ARM922T Development Board. It has JTAG and ETM interfaces, both supported by the SC-1000. The board also features an Altera EPXA SoC design with USB and 10/100BaseT Ethernet connections.

Available now, the SC-1000 Emulator with the PBD-1KJ ARM personality probe and SourcePoint debugger starts at $6500. The ARM922T Development Board is priced at $3000.

American Arium Inc., www.arium.com; (877) 508-3970.

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