Electronic Design

Compression-Mount Test Connectors Boast Optimized Design

molex_jack_AMolex has developed precision 2.4 mm compression-mount test connectors, touting them as the industry’s only high-speed vertical PCB launch configuration operating to 50 GHz. The unique vertical PCB launch configuration gives the 2.4 mm test connectors key advantages over more traditional end-launch connectors. They have a smaller footprint and can be mounted anywhere on the PCB for increased density. Additionally, the compression-mount design eliminates soldering, resulting in reduced installation time. The design uses two 0-80 UNF screws so that the receptacle can be mounted directly to the PCB. It also can accommodate a range of board thicknesses from 0.57 to 2.79 mm and provides a continuous ground connection between the connector and PCB. The connectors mate to 2.4 mm male connectors, which are available on the customer’s test equipment cable end. The integrated center pin design allows 1.2:1 VSWR at 50 GHz and provides low reflections for accurate measurements. The stainless steel body can withstand over 500 mating cycles.

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