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Conduction Cooled Assembly Chills Circuit Boards

Conduction Cooled Frame Assemblies are designed to cool circuit boards that operate in harsh environments and where convection cooling is not possible. A standard design is available with mounting holes and stiffening ribs for adapting the units to typical board designs offered as options. The assemblies have a sandwich structure consisting of a top frame, insulator and backing plate that assists in thermal management, as well as minimizing stress due to various coefficients of thermal expansion. In addition, Series 48SL five-piece Wedge-Loks provide high clamping force with even pressure distribution for low thermal resistance to the cold wall. Extractors disengage the assemblies from board connectors. And the use of Aluminum 6061-T6 in constructing the assemblies provides high thermal conductivity, as well as lightweight support. The assemblies can also be plated and/or coated to improve their corrosion resistance. In addition, the frame and backing are each machined from a solid piece to ensure continuous heat flow and structural integrity. And to prevent inadvertent insertion into the wrong chassis slot, code keys are an available accessory. The component area can be customized to match the board. Configurations that comply to the VITA 20-2001 PCI Mezzanine Card Standard, as well as use of Flex-Frame designs to reduce lateral force on connectors are also available. APW ELECTRONICS SOLUTIONS, Poway, CA. (858) 679-4550.


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