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Conductive Rubber Senses Pressure Changes

The IESP series resin-molded-cover type and the IESF series flexible-board type pressure sensors are made from a new material, called Inastomer, that features both conductivity and elasticity. The variable resistance properties of this material allow the sensors to finely and continuously react to applied pressure. A light touch changes resistance a little, while a heavier touch changes resistance more. The IESP Molded Cover sensor measures 11 mm x 12 mm x 6.8 mm and up to 5 mA of current can be applied, sufficient to drive an LED directly. Firmly fixed pin terminals assure easy and safe mounting.
Typical applications include soft-touch products, contact pressure applications such as water volume, pressure, load and contact of robots and mechanical equipment, and contact pressure for speed control and handling of game machines. The IESF Flexible Board sensor measures 5 mm x 1.74 mm and can also handle up to 5 mA of current. The miniature dimensions of this product make it well suited for delicate pressure applications. It is fastened with a strong pressure-sensitive tape and can be easily mounted to curved surfaces. Applications include robot chuck pressure, load, clearance sensitivity, object contact, roll pressure, and fingertip contact pressure. Pricing ranges from $5 to $15 depending on quantity and configuration.


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