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Conductive Solder Alternatives Resist Mechanical Shock

A pair of electrically conductive adhesives serve as solder alternatives for surface-mount electronic components. Ablebond 8175 and 8175A are also said to provide electrical contact resistance stability and mechanical shock resistance. Both adhesives absorb stress and may be used with thick-film metalizations or traditional pc-board surfaces.The 8175 adhesive can deliver fine pitches of 0.020” when printed using either a stainless-steel mesh screen or a metal mask stencil. It’s also dispensible by syringe. The adhesive cures in one hour at 130°C.The 8175A material cures in three minutes at 150°C and is said to maintain a high post-cure bond strength, even when subjected to temperatures above its glass transition temperature. This attribute makes the adhesive suitable for sequential assembly operations requiring multiple high-temperature bonding processes.

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