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Connector Line Increases Pin Count

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The stacking, strip-line connector series FCN-260H offers a characteristic impedance of 50½ single-ended with less than 5% crosstalk at the near end. The line now offers 80-, 100-, 120-, 140-, 160-, 180- and 200-pin counts in two rows on 1.27-mm centers. Standard-height product are capable of connecting two printed circuit boards in parallel at 10.92 mm. The 100-, 120-, 140- and 160-pin plugs are available in a 18.75 mm stacking height. The connector's signal contacts are rated at 1A at 250V and have a maximum contact resistance of 40 m½ (6V DC, 0.1A). Insulation resistance is 100 M½, minimum (500V DC), and the operating temperature range is -55¡C to +105¡C. Designed for data communications, instrumentation, medical and computer equipment operating at frequencies up to 625 MHz, the series also meets Bellcore 1217 specifications for telecom equipment. The price for a FCN-260 (H) 140-pin connector pair is $18.94 each/10,000. FUJITSU TAKAMISAWA AMERICA INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (800) 380-0059.

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