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Connector Promotes Efficient Fixturing

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The new PressFit RF connector is manufactured to facilitate low cost and efficient PCB fixturing. The vertical BNC connector's gold center pin is engineered with small fins that, upon pressing the connector onto the board, are firmly wedged into the mounting hole. Because only its center pin has fins, the device uses existing footprints as opposed to comparable units requiring distinct footprints to accommodate their center pin and all four posts. Further, its design prevents the connector from "floating" during the solder application regardless of the thickness of the PCB. The unit is ideally suited for applications where mechanical strength, high durability, reliability, and low VSWR are required. It is most commonly specified for use in an extensive array of video applications, including professional video switchers, surveillance, and test equipment. It may be ordered in a variety of styles, configurations, and standard- and custom-plating alternatives. Pricing starts at $0.39 each/10,000.

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