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Connector System Cuts Centerline Spacing In Half

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Sporting .050" contact centerlines in a single, staggered row, the MTA-50 IDC (insulation displacement contact) connectors reduce board space requirements for many wire-to-board connector applications while simplifying wire termination. The pre-loaded IDC contacts eliminate the need for wire stripping and accommodate manual or semi-automatic assembly. Applications for MTA-50 connectors include electronic coin changers, vending machines, sensors, transducers, medical devices, appliances, and security electronics as well as other applications with board space limitations. Headers for the connector include right angle and vertical styles with through-hold and surface mount configurations. Discrete wire or ribbon cable may be terminated with the MTA-50 and designers can select from feed-through or point-to-point wiring. A strain relief cover achieves termination security and protects the wires after termination is complete. The MTA-50 comes in two to 28 contact positions and accepts 26 AWG to 30 AWG wire with maximum cable insulation diameters of .039". Contacts are rated for 30 VAC and up to 2A maximum per line. Pricing averages $0.07 per mated line. TYCO ELECTRONICS, Harrisburg, PA. (800) 522-6752.

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