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Connector System Enhances Reliability for Portable Electronics

ETTERS, PA (December 15, 2005) – FCI, a leading supplier of connectors and interconnect systems, has developed RoHS-compatible versions of the Conan® 1.0mm-pitch, low-profile, board-stacking connector system. Designed to provide a mechanically secure, high-density electrical interface between parallel printed circuit boards, the Conan connector system, initially designed for use in mobile phones, pagers, and notebook PCs, also performs well in medical electronics, instrumentation, POS equipment, other handheld devices, and communications and networking equipment.

“The Conan connector system incorporates several product features that ensure correct mating and provide a secure and reliable connection in virtually any portable electronic device,” says David Hansen, FCI Product Manager. “A new demonstration board set highlights the benefits to the user, such as the audible click when connectors are properly engaged and the secure retention between mated connectors. Interested persons can request a Conan board set by simply sending an e-mail containing their business address and contact information to [email protected]

Polarization features on the connector bodies prevent improper backwards mating of connectors at final assembly. The ample “lead-in” angles at the receptacle opening also contribute to easy and repeatable “blind mating” of connectors.

The connectors utilize a blade-on-beam contact interface that prevents contact damage from “peeling” during connector engagement and separation. Angled contact features produce an audible click when connectors are mated to indicate complete engagement. The features also act as passive latches that protect against accidental disconnects from mechanical shock or vibration. The force required to un-mate connectors is a minimum of 45g per contact.

Surface-mount hold-downs increase connector retention to the printed circuit board after soldering to provide additional mechanical strength. The minimum retention force (connector to PCB) is 44N.

The Conan connector system provides options for 4.15mm, 4.5mm 5.0mm, 6.0mm or 7.0mm board spacing to accommodate varying component clearance requirements. The nine available part sizes range from 9 to 69 contact positions.

The connector has a current rating of 1 amp (max) per individual contact with all contacts powered. Contact resistance is 30mW (max) after environmental test.

Data sheet 950525-002 has been released to support the introduction of the RoHS-compatible Conan connectors. The data sheet provides additional technical data and part number ordering information. Typical pricing for Conan connectors is $0.06 per mated contact for 10,000-piece order quantities. Production lead times are four to six weeks ARO.

For more information about the Conan connector system, contact FCI at 825 Old Trail Road, Etters, PA 17319-7883; call 800-237-2374, email at [email protected] or visit FCI on the web at http://www.fciconnect.com/conan

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