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Connector System Mates Type II CompactFlash Cards To Portables

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The demanding memory and space requirements of today's portable devices are said to be met with the CompactFlash Type II Connector System, a SMT header and ejector system that mates Type II CompactFlash cards with portables- Type II CompactFlash cards are designed to offer handheld computers, digital cameras, and other portables more functions, including communications, hard disk drives, and higher capacity storage cards.The 50-pin surface-mount header features integrated, gold-plated frame grounds and solder tabs that provide both grounding and pc board retention. The 5.5-mm, low-profile design offers vertical space savings. The header is made of high-temperature material to withstand reflow soldering and includes pc board screw holes for mounting stability. The modular snap-on ejector system features small flip-style buttons that fold flush to the case and fold out to eject the card.

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