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Connectors Meet Tight Space Requirements

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The new low-profile angled DIMM connector is designed to maximize space in high-end servers, network equipment, and workstations. It enables tight stacking heights of 0.9" for typical SOJ packaging and 0.525" for TSOP packaging.
This 25° angled connector features dual ejector latches that align modules for insertion and produce an audible click when closed. Forklocks provide good pc-board retention during and after soldering.
The 0.05" pitch DIMM connector has a 3.3-V center voltage key and three function key options in a range of select gold plating thicknesses. It's available with 168 circuits in several tail lengths.
Pricing for the low-profile angled DIMM connectors depend on quantity ordered. Typical pricing is $3.80 each/50,000. Lead time is usually six to eight weeks.

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