Electronic Design

Constructing Tiered Wireless Sensor Networks

Packet processing needs processing power. That’s what GE Fanuc delivers with its WANic 5434 Packet Processor (see the figure). The PCI Express-based board can handle wire speeds up to 4 Gbits/s. It also can handle packet layers 2 through 7, making complex security processing applications.

The WANic 5434 is based on Cavium’s 500-MHz CN5434-NSP Octeon chip, which has six cores. The board has interface plus 1 Gbyte of DDR2 VLP mini- RDIMM modules. The quad front-panel interfaces may be 1000BaseT or 1000Base- SX fiber transceivers. Support for Debian Linux is included, and support operating systems available.

GE FANUCwww.gefanuc.com

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