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Contact Cleaner Penetrates Contaminants

A fast penetrating contact cleaner that contains no VOCs, Type 225 precision contact cleaner is a blend of perfluorocarbon and HCFC that's harmless to most plastics, sensitive electronic components, and all metal surfaces. The cleaner evaporates quickly and leaves no residue on contacts or other surfaces.The electrical-grade cleaner offers fast, effective cleaning of contacts, circuit boards, motors, relays, circuit breakers, microswitches, avionics circuits, engine controls, oxygen systems and communication equipment. It's a non-flammable substance that is chemically stable, non-conductive and non-corrosive. It helps prevent contact failure or malfunction by dissolving and rinsing away dust, lint, dirt, light oils and other contaminants. It comes in 16-oz. aerosol cans (part #02210).

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