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Controller Board Minds 64x64 Port Optical Switch

Demonstrating the company's capabilities for fabricating large, high-complexity PC boards, its latest controller board operates with a 64×64 port, high-performance optical switch designed by IBM Zurich Research Lab. Reportedly, this is one of the most complex designs ever developed and is a core component in the Optical Shared Memory Supercomputer Interconnect System research project on next-generation optical switch technology. The switch is capable of transmitting 2.5 Terabits of data, the equivalent of 20 high definition movies, in one second. The board consists of 36 layers, 36,053 blind vias, 29,246 connections, and a total trace length of 1.6 miles. For more details, call ENDICOTT INTERCONNECT TECHNOLOGIES INC., Endicott, NY. (866) 820-4820.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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