Electronic Design

Controller Core Module Boosts Processing Power For Embedded Apps

The DNA (Dynamic New Architecture) Module embedded controller core meets processing power requirements for present-day embedded applications with an eye toward future applications. The module incorporates a 206-MHz Intel SA-1110 StrongARM system-on-a-chip processor with an LCD controller and touchscreen support. It provides a PCMCIA slot, multiple serial ports, 64 Mbytes of SDRAM, and 64 Mbytes of flash RAM. Included are a 16-channel analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with 4 kbytes of flash memory and a four-channel digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with 8-bit resolution. With an input of 4.5 to 28 V dc, it meets low-power requirements. Supported by the Embedded Linux operating system, the DNA Module offers JTAG support for board testing. It costs less than $300 each in large quantities. A development kit, which goes for $950, includes a DNA Module, documentation, a power supply, and a software development kit CD.

Matrix Dynamics
www.matrixdynamics.com; (215) 393-9780

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