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Controller Integrates TCP/IP and I/O

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Offered as a compact, DOS-based single-board computer (SBC) for monitoring, data acquisition and control applications requiring TCP/IP, the LogicFlex controller uses a 25 MHz 386Ex processor and provides over 40 digital I/O lines. It also includes 10 Base-T Ethernet and a Xilinx in-circuit-programmable CPLD. Other features include two serial ports, a hardware clock/calendar, 512 KB of SRAM and 512 KB of flash memory, and a socket for disk-on-chip. Development kits for the board include a Borland C/C++ compiler, WATTCP TCP/IP libraries, source code for TCP/IP, and web-serving sample programs and utilities. The LogicFlex (part #99-0050) costs $189 and the development kit costs $289. JK MICROSYSTEMS, INC., Davis, CA. (530) 297-6073.

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