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Controller Packs 3 SMBus Ports & Battery Manager

With the recent introduction of the ACPITroller II, designers are said to have access to the first keyboard controller to offer three SMBus ports and a smart battery system manager. The Zero-Power ports comply with v1.1 SBS and SMBus specs, including providing the Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) feature- the firm's Zero-Power technology is designed to assure that the controller will always operate in "stop" mode without any data or event loss.Other circuitry found on the device include an ACPI-compliant embedded controller, an 8042 keyboard controller for commanding keyboard and mouse functions, and general-purpose I/O. Well-suited for use in notebook and other portable systems, the controller can operate from a 3V to 5V supply and consumes a miniscule 1 µA of current.

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