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Controller/Driver Supervises Standard Steppers

The two- and four-phase ICD200 stepper-motor controller and driver series controls the high-throughput features of current NEMA-sized stepper motors for a multicore range of applications including semiconductor-design equipment, laser systems, aerospace apparatus, robotics, and automated machineries. Modular in design, it is a standalone system that reliably executes trapezoidal and S-curve shape acceleration/deceleration motion profiles. Three operation modes are on board: sensor, absolute position, and relative position. The unit measures 60 mm x 90 mm x 36 mm and handles up to 1.2A per phase for uni-polar steppers and to 0.6A for bipolar motors. Input voltage is 24 Vdc with a power consumption of 36W. Other features include a maximum micro-stepping resolution of 20,000 steps per revolution and a potentiometer for adjusting driver current. Additionally, users can daisy chain up to 15 devices via a RS-485 interface. NYDEN CORP., San Jose, CA. (800) 806-6554.

Company: NYDEN CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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