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Controller's Flash Supports In-Application Programming

Representing the newest member of the 16-bit eXtended architecture (XA) family of microcontrollers, the XA-G49 has 64 KB of on-chip flash memory to support in-application programming (IAP), enabling designers to change an application's code while the app is running. So, for example, by combining the XA-G49 with Connect One Ltd.'s iChip 561AD-S/P Internet peripheral chip designers are said to have a low-cost, easy and portable method for remotely updating firmware over the Internet. (Connect One's iChip is designed to mediate host processor and Internet connections; the firm is based in Kfar Saba, Israel.)
In addition to IAP flash, the C programmable, multi-tasking XA-G49 has 2 KB of SRAM, is pin-for-pin compatible with other XA µCs, and comes in 44-pin PLCCs and PQFPs costing $8.40 each/1000 (the IC's complete name is PXAG49KBBD). A development board and reference design based on the new µC and iChip are also available.


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