Electronic Design

Convection Reflow Oven Handles Lead-Free Soldering

A benchtop convection reflow oven for lead-free reflow soldering, the LPKF ProtoFlow Oven, incorporates four internal temperature sensors and a multiprocessor controller board to ensure even heat distribution over PCBs of up to 9 by 12 in. Maximum process temperature is 320 deg. C (608 deg. F). Several software zones between preheating and final reflow add the flexibility to handle most reflow profiles, as well as capabilities for prototyping, technology research, and even pre-production testing.

The oven includes many pre-programmed process profiles, which can be selected using four navigation keys. But users can also create custom profiles on a PC and upload them to the LPKF ProtoFlow. An LCD display and an intuitive software interface simplify control. Users can monitor and document progress parameters for quality management purposes employing Microsoft Excel. Operators can mount an optional four additional sensors on the PCB, enabling the on-board temperature to be recorded and displayed in real-time on a PC through a standard USB interface. The reflow process can be observed through a large window.

Check with LPKF Laser & Electronics for availability information.

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Visit www.lpkfusa.com

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