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Convert Lead IC's to RoHS Compliant

E-Certa announces the first licensing agreement from New Way Technologies and Licensing Inc., for their (International Patent Pending) process to perform a total RoHS compliant conversion from lead to no lead (along with all other restricted material) for IC's and Semiconductors.

This revolutionary process has been successfully engineered and tested and is available to become an integral part of current and future inventory control needs.

As an independent RoHS compliance service center, E-Certa provides its clients with impartial and accurate test results, giving there clients a third party liability protection buffer between them and their prospective customers.

E-Certa has completed the installation of a new state-of-the-art XAN X-ray fluorescence spectrometer supplied by Fischer Instrumentation GB, and is now offering the electronics industry a screening service for components, boards, cables, screws, housings and electronic assemblies to help them comply with the restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS) Directive. The equipment will add to the capabilities of E-Certa, which provides a full range of technical, marketing, and information services to the global electronics sector.

The capabilities of the laboratories allow E-Certa to investigate every sample in different ways; so if one technique is not feasible alternatives can be found.

The final part of the jigsaw puzzle is now in place, allowing E-Certa to offer a full range of testing from quick and simple surface investigations to part per million (ppm) analysis. As an independent and professional laboratory, E-Certa can assist the industry through a deep understanding of the EU directive and the implications that it has on business. E-Certa offers a unique service that will provide considerable benefit to the electronics industry as the RoHS Directive implementation date of July 2006 draws near.

The new XRF instrument can also be used for studies on the thickness of surface coatings and detection of impurities in solder bath samples, which enhances the failure analysis role of the laboratories. When using their conversion process, a complimentary report using XRF technology is provided at no charge.

With new restrictions such as WEEE/RoHS/JEIDA and the next level of Green compliance, the increasing number of amendments, initiatives and exemptions, it is clear that there is an increasing need to have an environmental plan in place for both responsible and regulatory concerns. The outlined conclusion to all of these initiatives is to remanufacture, repair, reuse, and recycle.

The WEEE initiative, the next to be regulated and enforced, implies that any product in a manufacturing production facility that can be reused should have a plan in lace to do so. E-Certa has the ability and the licensing agreement that includes the additional process needed to properly convert a reclaimed component.

This process includes several additional steps and will have additional costs. It is certain to save bottom line dollars after analyzing replacements costs of components, possible disposal fees, and if not compliant - imposed fines and legal fees. E-Certa introduces Kentek Electronics, Inc. as part of their "system integration" team. E-Certa has contracted integration with Kentek Electronics, for environmental WEEE recycling and reclamation sciences.

In the transition to RoHS compliant manufacturing it would be ideal if all non-compliant material would be exhausted. This is highly unlikely and some non-conforming surplus components will remain in the supply chain.

The value of non-compliant components will decrease as the RoHS deadline (July 2006) approaches, ultimately having little or no value. This is largely due to a total available market for such devices rapidly declining.

E-Certa provides the only consignment with conversion capabilities for unwanted, undesirable, leftover, leaded inventories. By using well established supply chain relationships and the security of a bonded warehouses they are able to ensure a service dedicated to the best solution for any liquidation needs.

Should the option to liquidate (for reasons of time or beneficial financial decisions) arise, E-Certa has aligned with Earth for Humanities, a fully recognized public charity 501C(3) non-profit organization, to help us all fulfill our social and environmental responsibilities by allowing the option of donating inventories/materials for maximum IRS deductions.

E-Certa announces an exclusive program dedicated to the Franchised and Independent Distributor with a discounted price structure for most available services. This will allow major representatives to build a profit center by offering RoHS compliant services without the exorbitant cost of acquiring licensing and necessary equipment along with mandatory enforced environmental regulations.

E-Certa is a full service, bonded, turnkey operation, with cooperating technologies and facilities, combined help to meet all compliance requirement and regulatory concerns.

E-Certa brings the complete package beginning with XRF screening on incoming product and confirmed conversion results upon the completed process, offering additional inventory security, identification for environmentally compliant parts (by providing the options of the E-Certa TM logo laser etched into the part), company certificate of compliance, as well as complete remarking to any specifications. E-Certa is also offering new package identification labeling and providing a modified, standard web based Material Composition Declaration form, providing clients with the necessary materials to meet with their due diligence requirements for the RoHS initiative. E-Certa has the capability to act "in reverse" to convert no-lead to leaded components for military and any other RoHS exempted arenas. E-Certa has formed an alliance with Mil-Spec Components, a value added Mil-Std certified vendor, to provide a fully accredited and recognized military and aerospace approved supplier. E-Certa has collaborated with YouPickYourPrice.com, a part search database for both leaded and non-leaded IC's and Semiconductors, with an automated RFQ response.

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