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Converter IC Operates At 95% Efficiency

The Si9169BQ is a compact buck or boost configurable converter IC that can prolong cell phone talk and standby times by up to 10% by providing typical efficiencies of 95% in full-load mode. Both p-channel high-side and n-channel low-side switches are fully integrated into its TSSOP-20. Total converter footprint is less than 300 mm2 and the 2 MHz operation allows use of smaller magnetics and reduced levels of output capacitance. When used with Vishay's IHLP2525 low-profile inductor, the complete solution has a profile of 1.9 mm. The combination has an output capacitance of less than 10 µF with an output ripple below 10 mVpk-pk. The input voltage range is 2.7V to 6V and step down is to 1.5V or boost to 6V depending upon the selected topology. The on-board MOSFETs can deliver 1A of continuous current in PWM mode while drawing less than 200 µA in pulse-skipping mode under light loads. Power dissipation is 165 mW when converting a 5V input down to 3.3V at 1A, compared with 1.7W for a linear regulator or approximately 500 mW for typical switching regulator solutions.


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