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Copper Fibre Channel Cable Assemblies Target High-Speed Serial Datacomm Systems

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A new line of high-performance cable assemblies is said to be ideal for high-speed serial datacomm systems, such as storage area networks (SANs), fibre channel switches, DASD and RAID mass storage systems, and other mission-critical applications. Equipped with HSSDC, DB9 or IX3 connectors, these MTC Copper Fibre Channel Cable Assemblies are individually tested and characterized, and each is shipped with a printout of its own specific test results.
Three families are available: basic cables with DB9 connectors on both ends; high-speed serial data interconnection cables with DB9 and/or HSSDC connectors; and internal drive adapter cables with DB9 and/or IX3 connectors. Connector-to-cable interface construction features the company's proprietary direct attach technology, in which the individual conductors of the cable are connected directly to the pc board inside the connector. This eliminates the need for the usual transition connector. The assemblies are available in standard lengths of 1, 3, 5, 10 and 15 meters, as well as custom lengths. Pricing is approximately $20.41 each/500 for 3-m long DB9-to-DB9 cables.

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