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Core i7 Fits Into 3U VPX-REDI Slot

Core i7 Fits Into 3U VPX-REDI Slot

Need an Intel Core i7 processor for a 3U VPX-REDI system? Check out Extreme Engineering Solutions’ XPedite7470 single-board computer. Intel’s Sandy Bridge Core i7 has dual DDR3 channels with up to 8 Gbytes of memory and uses the latest Intel Cougar Point QM67 chipset. The Core i7 also supports Intel’s Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX). The board has two PCI Express Fat Pipe P1 interconnects and two Gigabit Ethernet ports plus two USB 2.0 ports, two SATA ports, and two rear-panel DVI ports. It supports a range of operating systems including Linux, Wind River VxWorks, QNX Neutrino, Green Hills Integrity, and Microsoft Windows.

Extreme Engineering Solutions

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