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Core Module Paves Way To Rapid Development Of Embedded Control Systems

Offered as a low-cost, simplified alternative for rapid development and implementation of embedded control systems, the ultra-compact RCM2300 core module measures just 1.15" x 1.60", costs only $25 each/1,000, and mounts on a user-designed motherboard where it acts as the controlling processor for the user's system. Powered by the high-performance Rabbit 2000 microprocessor, the core module features seven timers, a battery-backable time/date clock, twenty-nine I/O, 256K of flash, 128K of SRAM, four serial ports, a slave port, a watchdog timer, and fast, 22.1-MHz clock speed. The core module is also pin-compatible with the RCM2200 Ethernet core module for future Ethernet implementation of user designs. A development kit that includes the RCM2300 RabbitCore, prototyping board, dc power supply, the dynamic C SE development system, complete documentation on CD-ROM, PC serial cable, and manual also is available for $199.


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