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COTS PMC Boards Set Sights On Radar And Video Marts

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Designed for the radar, video and graphics markets, the Hawkeye family of COTS sensor-input and display cards are compatible with both VME and cPCI host cards. Users can choose from a variety of host processors and operating systems. For radar uses, the Osprey card is compatible with ACP/ARP, 12-bit parallel azimuth, and ASDE-3 and RADDS formats, while the Eagle radar-scan converter promises no holes or spokes in the image when mapping polar data to Cartesian coordinates. The Falcon hi-res video/graphics capture board offers both DVI and RGB outputs. And the Talon carrier and network interface card supports the Hawkeye family in VME or cPCI formats. PRIMAGRAPHICS LTD., Amherst, MA. (413) 256-1280.

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