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COTS VME Single Board Computer Offers Pentium II Performance

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Designed for military and commercial applications, the SVME/DMV-192 Dual PMC Pentium II single-board computer provides high desktop computing performance in an embedded package. Intended for airborne, land-mobile and other military applications, the board withstands extended temperature, shock and vibration found in harsh environments. It lets designers take advantage of COTS software such as Windows NT, Windows 98, DOS or QNX. These standard operating systems are enhanced by the firm's board support packages and software libraries to allow use of embedded features such as the VMEbus interface driver. Enhanced Power-On-Self-Test is provided. A 72-Mbyte disk-on-chip provides full read/write disk emulation and file system support to let operators run applications without using a rotating disk drive, which makes the board even more rugged.

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