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cPCI Backplane Nestles Into Tight Quarters

Designed for use in 1U horizontal chassis where space is highly limited, the company's latest two-slot CompactPCI (cPCI) backplane comes in a 7U form factor said to offer several design benefits. The compact backplane provides two power bugs for ground, one power bug each for 3.3V and 5V, one power blade each for +12V, -12V and PS-ON, and two power blades for voltage in and out. In terms of cooling, the backplane provides three 12V fan-tray headers, two on the front and one on the back of the board. And to prevent bowing of the backplane and ensure long-term reliability, a backplane stiffener can be included as an option. In addition, a thin-profile design is incorporated next to the power bugs that allows cable access from the rear of the chassis. Other features of the backplane include a computer simulated, eight-layer stripline design, distributed high- and low-frequency decoupling capacitors, extremely low crosstalk, and full compliance with the latest PICMG specs. Single-piece pricing for a fully- populated backplane starts at $249 with lead times from 2-4 weeks ARO.

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